From a 3-Month Study: Author Marketing Strategies That Deliver Results

Most authors are not marketers by trade. Since marketing a book is such an expensive endeavor, many authors have to get creative in more ways than one.

Recently, I returned to the author world after a two-year hiatus. I had taken some time off to complete my degree in Communications, and I was shocked at how much the author world had changed…and not changed. Marketing strategies evolve over time, but the core concepts that gave birth to the indie community – most notably, the idea that all authors deserve to have their voices heard, not only the ones with the most influence or money – stay the same.

Becoming an author is what inspired me to become a marketing professional. I learned a lot from simply promoting my own books, and it sparked an interest in the industry as a whole. Marketing an indie book is never easy, but here are some strategies that might help rescue your book from the dreaded 1 million+ Amazon sales rank.

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